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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Oh, the Places You'll Go

Do you remember that Dr. Seuss' book-- "Oh, the Places You'll Go?" That is what this pictorial fabric reminds me of.

So the playroom. There is so much love in that room I can't stand it! I mean, I am more in love with that room than the four girls combined. And for good reason. Because this, below, is technically a part of the playroom.

Kids push baby strollers and cook with play food while I am singing to my heart's content so close to them, stitching away.

A couple little projects for this room: this cute and yet, odd looking creature of a bookend. The bottom is stuffed with beans and a painted on face completes it. I would of liked to make fifteen of these and just placed them around the house, but Bobby wasn't too up on the idea.

And framing Caroline's portrait of her and her best friend Johanna had to be placed right next to their photo together. Of course, at little people height--this is their room, after all.


Chapman Family said...

Love, love, love it! Super cute...and I love your little critter!! he needs a name :)

zeeny said...

It looks awesome! Love your space and theirs! Where did you get those cute little doll beds! My girls would love them! Keep enjoying your space!

Eriko said...

How do you make all of your rooms so beautiful!!??
After visiting your new home, I and Brian finally put away all the boxes in the house. And I have some projects that I want to show you:)


Erica said...

Looks like so much fun! It makes me want to go house shopping! :)

I think it's great that your sewing room is in your playroom, so you can all be in the same place doing the things you love.

Ann said...

I love it :) I love that it is your sewing room, as well. That is wonderful! It sounds like a perfect play room for all 5 of you Shiffler ladies.

Adrienne said...

Oh, so cute! Stumbled on your blog, and love it. I look forward to seeing all the cute stuff I could never make. :)

Brookstinobel said...

This is fantastic! I can't believe the difference, and I love all the little touches, especially the funky bookend. :) What a cool room!