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Friday, January 22, 2010

First Thing in the Morning

Structure in life does a lot for me: I can do things I love if I'm creative enough with my time, I can cook and bake for my family the way I've always dreamed of doing, and mostly, I feel confident. Like I can balance all aspects of my life.

This structure, of course, comes in seasons. Right now, we're it an all time high since the move. Settled in a new place, two daily naps I can expect my babies will take, they're eating three meals a day, playing and rolling until they're tuckered out, etc. All of these elements have given me the structure I've longed for.

One of the most exciting parts of the day for me is in the morning. After breakfast, getting dressed, and the likes, we're all off to the basement for a time. Kids play, babies suck on anything within a foot of them, and I can run around and organize or sew.

Sew. It really is therapy. I pull fabric from my shelves, get input from the girls while they "cook", and I can whip something together. There is always a running list of things to make for children, friends, and our home.

Of course, vinyl sewn on fabric for this high chair mat. Super easy.

Press the back of your fabric to the vinyl, to get both sets of materials wrinkle free.

Sewn together, using tissue paper on the top layer to keep the vinyl from dragging. No fancy binding necessary. I think it would of taken away from the bold fabric.

And it is an easier size to clean than those store bought highchair mats. And talk about super instant gratification to start and finish by the time lunch comes around!


Erica said...

I love your ideas! Thanks for sharing, and so cute!!!

Ann said...

I love it. I feel right now like I'm at a low point in my creativity/structure cycle, which I know you understand... but seeing this post gives me hope that it will come back again. I love you :)

amy greenway said...

Does your fabric actually bind to the vinyl? Probably not, but I can wish.