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Monday, January 11, 2010

Two Baby Girls Coming

Not mine. Two sisters in-law both having their first girls is something to celebrate. And we did.

Fun times were had by hopefully all.

I decided against the usual sewing projects I do for showers and did what I've done all week: paint.

Can you tell I'm loving turquoise these days? After painting Lynn's nursery artwork and hanging it on my wall for a moment I felt secure about doing that grand size painting in all turquoise. I knew Lynn's baby room had white walls, too.

Little baby Sadie will be dreaming in a pick and brown accented room, so white canvas and brown and pink highlights was a no brainer.

And talk about a full house. There were at least 20 adults and that's not including children.

I've always thought that every baby coming into the world deserves a party. This was quite a party--thanks to everyone that helped out!


zeeny said...

Totally impressed...you just moved and are already hosting a great party. I love the turquoise as well! And I love your huge painting in your previous post!! I would pay to put that somewhere in my house! I have a few homemade things I have been doing...will post soon when I have a few more minutes! Thanks for the inspiration!

Ann said...

looks like it was wonderful! :)

Little Kate said...

Oh that does look like fun! Sorry I missed it! Thanks for inviting me!