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Monday, February 1, 2010

100 Some Photos

After sorting through literally thousands of photos from the year 2009, I've chosen my all time favorites. Most of them made it into the "favorites" because they visually speak of childhood and innocence. So of course, most of them are photos of my children thriving and discovering last year.

I have a plan for all of these photos, many of which I loved so much I ordered multiples of.

Some made it into frames, like I'd mentioned before.

The rest have a very specific purpose. One which is almost ready to be revealed except for my part, which will take some possible gluing, sewing, or something to assemble a suitable box. (Any guesses?)

All the while, there are new memories being made, even now, with picnics by the fire.

To be continued...


matt said...

can't wait to see :)

Ann said...

oops...that was me, Ann :) though I'm sure Matt's excited, too LOL

Bri said...

Can't wait...they look like gorgeous pictures!