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Friday, January 1, 2010

Eat through the New Year

A new year's project for you to give or eat.

Hope you all are living up this last weekend before work begins, laundry actually becomes a necessity, and the 75% off "after-Christmas" sale's racks are all totally deplete. We've made quite a bit of progress with the unpacking-thing. If I could just find my camera's battery charger I'd send you folks some pictures. There is still a mountain of boxes I'm trying to avoid in the garage and that's where it's hiding--wish me luck that I come out alive.


Bri said...

I bought pretzel sticks to do this very thing...and apparently forgot about them until reading this! Oops! Guess they'll have to be post-Christmas/New Years treats.

Ann said...

yum yum yummy :)

I do wish you luck...the same luck I wish myself every time I venture into the garage myself... :) Love you!