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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Take a Peek Inside: the Living Room

One inspiration: the ocean. Crisp whites, cool colors, and lots of natural textures. All along I've wanted to create a primary living space that is reminiscent of slow days at the beach and it's relaxing beach house. But the space has to be modern at the same time.

Combining beach house and modern would mean intertwining the two themes with a new piece of art for the space.

So I spend many hours yesterday painting, summoning the big girls to watch Pollyanna so I could, and late hours completing this. (It's based on a photo I took visiting Rome with Bobby of Bernini's angel sculptures lining the Ponte Sant'Angelo.)

I switched out dark curtains for crisp, linen-want-to-be curtains. Very beachy.

Our new couch. A great neutral color that compliments the blues throughout the room.

Ask Bobby--I've switched out the mantle pieces daily. I think I'll like this for a while. I wanted a bit of color against the white wall, but not too much since the blue canvas was large and bold. I painted three recently purchased Costco apples just so, so that Caroline's art could lean against the apples without too much business. I love how the apples kind of float against the white wall.

And lastly, my "faking" it. I told you I would be doing that for today's baby shower. That's the cool retro modern fabric from IKEA that will be covering our newly acquired Danish Modern chairs. Not upholstered yet, just nicely tucked in to create the illusion that I spent a lot of time measuring and sewing them. Faking it doesn't hurt.

More on the swingin' double shower for another time. I'm beat.


Ann said...

okay, you astonish me :) Your painting is incredible...the motion kept me looking at it for some time. Beautifully done. Your home is looking so incredible! I can't wait till I visit it in person. I love you :) Get some sleep, hardworking woman. :)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Brookstinobel said...

AWESOME! I love, love, love the new paintings and the "upholstery" on the chairs. This new house is really starting to look like you now, and it looks GREAT! :)

Ryan and Evelyn said...

Wow!!! I absolutely LOVE your painting!!! Also love the beach theme!!!:)

Jonathan & Laura said...

I love your house and decor! You have great style. I also love the paintings you did for the baby shower. Those are amazing. We still enjoy the Eiffel Tower you painted for us. Also, can you email me your address please? devore.laura@gmail.com

Little Kate said...

I love your paintings! You are very talented!