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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Take a Peek Inside: Dining In

This is our first real formal dining room. A place that is far enough from the kitchen counter that you could still fake a semi-clean house if company stops by unannounced and dinner was never put away.

These chairs make this room. They were bought by my in-laws in Amish country, right here in our own Lancaster, Pa., from an Amish schoolhouse. They've recently been passed down to us, and thrilled owners are we!

Solid wood chairs don't get any better than this. They creak when you shift your weight and have minor wear and tear which only enhance their beauty and background.

My architectural paintings have a home once again and fill the long space on the wall well.

In Fung Shui design, red is the ideal color to paint a dining room as it encourages conversation. It sure encourages a ton of chatter from the many little people during meals. Bobby and I barely get a word in edge-wise.

White platters and lots of them are some of my favorite entertaining and dining-ware.

Family and food feel more sophisticated now--like our hamburger dinners have been elevated 10 fold. I'm loving that.


Anonymous said...
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Ann said...

you have such a lovely home, nicole :) I'm so glad for you! :)