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Friday, February 19, 2010

One of His Longer Trips

Thank goodness for the partnership in marriage and parenting. While he was gone I increasingly felt like my authority as mother was withering away with the time.

His presence has restored that.

Now there is someone else to encourage Johanna to stay in her seat at dinner, keep her clothes on, at least try her peas, and of course, help me clear off the table.

Not one time have we come downstairs this long week to play or create. This evening I needed it.

To celebrate my independence from playing single parent, I had to do something with my hands that wasn't cooking, changing diapers, feeding, scrubbing, or calming.

Here's the result. I have a place in mind for this Mama and baby chick. (Funny that even in my creating, it often comes back to the same themes I love...)


Ann said...


Chapman Family said...

I think two years olds have a special winter "spirit" Kali won't keep her clothes on...always ballet outfits. I can totally relate to husbands being gone and feel for your sanity...I know that I go into survival mode!! Glad Bobby is home!a