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Monday, February 22, 2010

Here We Go Again...

Food. Stomach. Pain.

It's with me when I wake in the morning until nighttime. I miss having a life-- a real life that involves action, goals, dreams, and variety. If it weren't for feeding people, putting people down, and filling sippy cups I'd like to be on the couch all day.

{How I feel all the time, but without the smile!}

"Eat this, don't eat this, take this daily, have another scan..." around and around and around I go...

Today: I canceled my ultrasound and resisted filling the prescription.

Today: I took myself off dairy.

I'm finally taking this into my own hands since traditional medicine isn't cutting it. I'm so done with this seven year reoccurring sickness. I'm putting everything into a possible adult-onset food allergy.

Hello rice milk, goodbye innocent late-night glass of milk.

Think of me when you're dunkin'.


Ann said...

:( call me when you feel up to it and you have a free moment (ha ha). I want to call you but I think my schedule is a little freer than yours...

Love you, my friend.

Cindy loves Shane said...

Good Luck Nicole, I hope you get feeling better. Does this mean no ice cream too? You poor thing.

Christine Mains said...

You and Brian have so much in common! Let us know if cutting milk helps. Remember you can have Coconut Milk still!!! Yum!!!