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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Take a Peek Inside: A Place to Create

This scene is a familiar one: Caroline and Johanna silently cutting, pasting, drawing, and too eager in their creating to even sit down.

I love this scene. I've missed this scene. Now with a designated space, it's back.

The Art Room is conveniently down the hall from the playroom and my sewing counter. So technically, the girls and I could go for days without coming upstairs, except for food and seeing Bobby, that is.

The last two snowed-in days they've made styrofoam men with popsicle legs, love letters, fringed paper, alligators, and colored grids.

I try to mix the wall hangings with mostly their works and some of mine--the ones that are bright and hopefully inspiring. And of course, hung at their level.

One of the best parts of this room is that I only spent $68 on shelves (bought a piece of plywood that Lowes cut down for me) plus .44 cents on new bulletin board tacks total. No other cost. I've been saving peach jars for storing materials, asked for and received a children's easel for Christmas (thanks, Mom Shiff) and other than that, repurposed bins and such for the room.

Now, what you are not seeing in this post is the back side of the room: my art space. Piles of randomness all over the place.

I guess it's like the thrill that comes from cleaning someone else's house: it dies once you return to your own house to clean.


Ann said...

it's amazing you have so many rooms! that is great!! :)

Anonymous said...

Ayumi once said, "Mommy, you are an artist in the basement!"
I asked what I was upstairs, then she said "cooking, cleaning, doing laundry...".
Yes, basement is a place to be artists!


Christine Mains said...

How exciting! Your basement is so perfect!

I love your new art space for the girls, they will create and create and love every minute. My boys love, love doing anything that involves them creating. We've been making valentine after valentine during our snow week, and they have some for Caroline, Johanna, and Ayumi. We forgot to bring them to church today.

Happy Valentine's Day!

I love Eriko's comment about Ayumi, So Cute!