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Monday, December 7, 2009

Poppies for Johanna, a Gift for You

Christmas presents. I love the idea of making gifts for Christmas. The whole time you are planning, sketching, and creating, in the back of your mind is the constant image of that person seeing your creation for the first time. Not only is it personal, but it connects you, literally, to that person. Nothing compares, even if it costs just as much as something you could of bought.

My goal is something homemade by Mommy for each child. I bought such incredible Wizard of Oz fabric for the big girls that I might go a little crazy, if time permits. If that's the case, there is a possibility the babies might be forgotten. Focus... focus...

I started, rushed, and "finished" this blanket on Saturday during my "Mommy is making your Christmas presents downstairs" time. Now that you see the lovely photos, I will immediately be ripping every stinkin' stitch out.

Not the best part to rush on: the binding, but that's life with a few hours to start and finish a project. Now I've learned, since it'll take a good hour to rip out/fix my initial rushing!

Good luck to many of you that are also making memories while you make special gifts. Please post your homemade gifts on your blog, comment on mine with a link to yours, and I'll pick my favorite homemade gift by the 18th of December, and I'll send you a set of these just in time for stuffing stockings!

A set of four of my favorite homemade coloring crayons just for little hands. Start submitting! Many entries per person welcome.


Jess and Matt said...

Nicole, you are so awesome. I absolutely love every post you put on your blog. Your pictures are so artistic and wonderful, I adore the crafts you make (and explain how to make!), and your children are the cutest things on earth. Believe it or not, I, the not-so-crafty-one, have been actually working on a few things, and I am totally going to post them for a chance at those cute crayons you make. I will let you know when the pictures are up. Love your blog, and I just love you too, wish we were neighbors still.

Ann said...

I shall definitely post some things, even if they are copies of what you've made, ha ha!

Lin said...

i love that fabric! i will definitely be posting my christmas crafts (including some dinosaurs!).

Scott and Cindy said...

I'll put up some pics of my quiet books I made this year - I think you'll like them :). Go to scottandcindy.blogspot.com in a few days and they'll be there! You HAVE to check out what my brother did for us this Christmas: bramsin.blogspot.com. It's ridiculous how amazing it is!! I love all your cute ideas - keep 'em coming! You know, in your loads of spare time :). I don't know how you do it!

Kate said...

I stumbled across your blog from some friends' blogs, and now I am hooked! I love reading your posts. This year I did quite a few homemade Christmas gifts--you can find some of them at http://mykidseatoffthefloor.blogspot.com/2009/07/christmas-in-july.html. If you look around my blog some more, you might find a few more Christmas gifts that I've made!

Anonymous said...

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