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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Get Your Craft On

I know many of you are scrambling with 9 days left until Christmas! Remember, you have until this Friday, the 18th at noon EST to post here with a link to your blog of your homemade creations to win this.

Get creating!


Christine Mains said...

My posting of what I made for my neighbors goes to Nicole. She brought over her wonderful daughters this morning for a fun play date while she packed, and saw what I was up to in the kitchen. She snapped a photo of my Martha Steward Homemade Marshmallow gift for my neighbors.

They are so easy and so worth the time to make.

Check it out on my blog at brianmainsfamily.blogspot.com

Scott and Cindy said...

Mine's up on my blog: http://scottandcindy.blogspot.com. I love seeing all of your fun creations on here!

Lin said...

Alright. I have several projects...I've been busy this year. :)

I made bags, fabric flowers, a nativity and pillow cases. Check them out at