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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Ode to Dad

So my dad loves his pool. He is constantly tinkering with it, talking about pool-related subjects, buying stuff for the pool, getting pool-related tattoos. Ok, so that last one's not true. So this year, i thought i'd get him a father's day present that would show others how serious he is about his pool.

So, I made him a t-shirt. Remember those Terminator movies? Good. Because if you don't, you'll have no idea what this shirt's all about. So there's my dad, the Chlorinator. Gone is the Terminator's shotgun, replaced by what else but a chlorine tablet. You gotta love Photoshop. Happy Father's Day, Dad.



Ann said...

I am still laughing! I bet he loved it! That is great! :)

Christine Mains said...
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Christine Mains said...

That is awesome
love it