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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A Little Bit More

Do you remember those Target commercials a couple months ago that went to the tune, "A Little Bit More?" Well, that's Bobby's theme song in the kitchen. A little bit more salt to the steamed cabbage (which becomes inedible), a little (rather a LOT) more poultry seasoning on the grilled chicken--and that's just yesterday's meal. Bobby and I are opposites. I tend to go easy on the butter, salt, sugar, which is probably why Bobby feels the need to make up for it. I get the biggest kick out of it. Whenever he CHOOSES to veer from a recipe--all the time, that is--I can always catch him in the kitchen putting a little more of this or that in the dish while he thinks I'm looking away. It has become a fun game between us, but not so fun when we can't eat the food!


Jonathan & Laura said...

I know how that is, Ja always likes to add more spices and seasonings to things. Most of the time it's good still however. It's fun to read your blog know that we've seen you house and the cute girls!

Ann said...

Ha ha!! Matt is the same. :) He loves to be creative with cooking. I love to laugh at what he comes up with! It is always a very new taste. :)

Melanie Herway said...

I can totally picture it...so funny!

Kendra said...

(Thanks for your comment! :) I'm glad you're still keeping tabs on us).

Oh yeah, and that's great that you're having fun w/ the new comp. I'll have to try out photo booth sometime. They're great pics!