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Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I think I've read Harry the Dirty Dog twenty times today. And caressed hot foreheads even more.

I never expected the quiet, serene atmosphere in my home these past days from illness. Life has slowed down almost to a complete halt while children abandon toys, running, and play for rest, closeness, and stories.

Although I dread sickness entering our fast-paced little world here, it forces me to sit on the couch much of the day and just be with my children, while life moves on without us.

I kinda like that for a change.


Durrant said...

Oh I hope everyone gets feeling better soon!

Ann said...

I always hated to admit it, but when all of mine are sick, I cherish those slow moments, too. I love you, and I hope they all get better soon.

zeeny said...

I hope all are feeling better today...we had a really nasty virus that just kept going and going...no fun. By the end of the second week I was tired of being stuck inside...but I do miss those days of not having to rush around.

Ryan and Evelyn said...

No fun to be sick. Hope you are all doing okay.