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Friday, October 23, 2009

What Happens at Food Conventions, Stays at Food Conventions

Two anticipated occasions: 1) chubby babies who are officially half a year old and 2) their Daddy landing on east coast soil tonight after a long week in Vegas.

Goodbye exhaustion, insanity, and billowing piles of laundry; hello rest, showers, and... well, piles of laundry.


zeeny said...

What cuties! Hope you get some rest soon!

Michelle Dermyer said...

What a great pic!! They are getting so big!!

Ann said...

those are the cutest babies I have ever seen :) (except maybe my own...but hey, I'm biased) :) I am SO glad Bobby is done!! I have been thinking about you this week. I love you!

Christine Mains said...

I love the photo of your twins! Gorgeous babies!

I desperately want a prime lens.

Yeah! Bobby is home!

It's a Boy!!! said...

I'm glad you discovered us! I've been stalking your blog for a LONG time! I love seeing your girls and I'm amazed at all the things you still do. Now I can stalk you openly!:)

The Ross Family said...

Wow! They're getting so big! Time really does fly.