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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Mommy & Child Bake Off

Today was our first annual Mommy & Child Bake Off. After a long week, it was a welcomed event to be with good friends and their children.

Children eagerly explained what they baked, telling what they liked best about the experience.

Samplings took place while children and mommies discussed their favorites.

Votes were cast....

And a winner announced (the Hansens) for presentation and taste: the ghost cookies in a chocolate cake graveyard! (I love seeing the unique faces her kids put on the ghosts.)

And my dear mother came to rock babies for me, on her birthday. It seems significant she'd be here for me on this "Mommy & Child" day. Thanks, Mom.

(The details for the Bake Off will be available in PDF form soon on my blog for you to host your own. Children of all ages contributed in the decision making, baking, presenting, tasting, and voting. They ran the bake off--and it showed when they eagerly awaited the results of the vote.)


Brookstinobel said...

This looks AWESOME!! What a great idea- wish we had been there!

Karen said...

What an adorable idea. Looks like so much fun.

Ann said...

looks wonderful :) you continue to amaze!

Someday, we busy moms shall have a peaceful moment at the same time for a good chat, you and I... :)

Anonymous said...

It was so much fun!!
Thank you for this great idea.
I loved seeing you:)


Michelle Dermyer said...

Looks like everyone had fun...and the food looked delicious! Tell your Mom Happy Birthday!! I miss your family so much!!!

The Ross Family said...

Fun Idea!! Looks like the kids loved it.

Christine Mains said...

Thanks for inviting the Twins and Owen to bake what was supose to be delicious until mom decided to straiten her hair instead of watch the oven burn the twins hard work.

They did have fun stamping and decorating paper ghost inserts to hide their burnt muffins.

I am craving the Hansen's Ghost Graveyard Cake every day now, it was DELICIOUS! Way to go Hansen Kids and Mom.