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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Cameras, Kleenex, and a Lot of Orange

Photo Day with four children roughly under the age of four. Need I say more?

Thank goodness for an understanding father-photographer. Between four colds and fidgety feet, I think it actually came together. (Which is simply a nicer way to say it's over.)

(Are you sensing a trend here with the color orange?)


Christine Mains said...

I love your photo's. They are gorgeous. you look radiant in all of them. Our family photos when the twins were small are SCARY! I LOOK DREADFUL! You look outstanding. Your smile, your hair, the girls outfits. I love it all. Bobby looks great too! He reminds me of Brian in our family photos...trying to smile while keeping the kids together so mom can look her best in all the pictures.
I love the hair flowers you made, and the girls coordinating outfits. You are so talented.

Brookstinobel said...

SO CUTE! I love the orange, the outfits, the lighting, and I can't believe how much bigger the twins have gotten just since we saw you in July.

Durrant said...

Beautiful pictures! I love them all! I can't imagine trying to keep 4 kids entertained. Crew was such a stinker when we did ours! I love the colors!

Ann said...

what gorgeous pictures, and what a gorgeous family! That makes me more motivated to get some fall pics taken before it's too late...
Stunning. :)

The Ross Family said...

Love the pictures!! You have such a beautiful family!