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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

"Growing" an Adult

We used oil pastels in the grass...

Played grocery store and stocked the fridge...

And another day of baby doll in arm with the ever present plastic high heels.

Everything about my girls is an attempt to play "grown-up." Well now, I'm grown up, have babies and high heels.

Ironically, I'm backtracking, trying to regain some sort of youthful bliss, seeking play, innocence, and wonder, like I observe daily from them.

Lesson learned? If you're going to have babies, wear the heels and still run in the grass.


Ryan and Evelyn said...

How fun! What a great reminder to always enjoy life and that even as we "grow up" we can still be kids at heart :)

Ann said...

your new camera takes such beautiful pictures! :)