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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

An Alternative to the Old Navy Sales Rack

Twice yearly I look forward to leaving the house alone and carrying a really, really large tote out the door. That's when everyone in the area rushes to our local children's consignment sales to load up on seasonal items.

(These cool new shoes for Johanna: a whopping $5--and they're Gymboree which means they'll last.)

Everything sold is gently used and in great shape. I get Caroline's next size up for the coming season and, this time around, more clothes for the twins. We're talking $1.50-$4 on most of the great clothing I find.

I hit a couple consignment sales and what needs aren't fulfilled I do my shopping elsewhere.

But hey, it is worth a try looking into your local seasonal consignment sales. Another great plus is great books and toys at these events. I like to stock up on books for the girls for birthdays and Christmas. I've found $1-$5 treasures-- new books and books I've longed to have on my children's shelves.

This year's catch: a 5 piece PlayHut set of tents and crawling tubes for $17. Although hidden now, that will magically reappear set-up, as perfectly as only Santa could do.


Christina said...

Yay for Consignment Sales! I forgot to tell you that I went to one here last weekend and found a couple of steals. It wasn't the same without you, though! *sigh*

Anonymous said...
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