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Friday, July 17, 2009

Totes and Chubs

Seems that library totes are the "in" thing this summer. I've just been looking for another excuse to applique something with the girls. Now they can carry their own load from the library to the car when the day comes that I actually take all the kids. Heaven forbid.

And speaking of chubs...

Who would of thought they would of filled out this bouncy chair so well. Is it the breastmilk or the corn syrup juice doing it?

Do yourself a favor, don't read the ingredient statement on formula.


Lorrie Nulton said...

Oh my goodness! Those bags are darling...but, those girrrrrls! I love U!

Ann said...

How beautiful! :) I love the bags. You are so talented. :)

It is such a beautiful sight to see the rolls on those darling little girls!! I am so very happy that they are doing so well!!!!

Miss you!

Brookstinobel said...

So cute! And that goes for every picture on this post. :) The babies look so different here from any other photo I've seen- they're really starting to look like babies instead of newborns. And I LOVE the library totes. :)
(p.s.- I know, formula is some scary stuff, but it's a necessary evil I guess.)

Ryan and Evelyn said...

WOW!!! I love your tote bags! and your babies are so very beautiful :)

Nadia and Jeremy said...

cute bags! you probably haven't had time to check out my blog lately (well, to be honest i've barely done anything lately) but one of my recent ones is on "freezer paper stencils"...you NEED to check it out. you would love it. i've been having so much fun with this new idea. so glad you're still finding time to do stuff! hope you're well.