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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Creative Family and Friends

I've been dying to show off some incredible talents of those close to me. Sarah Clark, before moving with her husband to AZ, made these adorable crocheted farm animals for the girls. They are sturdy, as tested by the destroyer, Johanna. Hopefully she'll start selling these online. (Hint, hint, Sarah.)

The horse is my favorite!

And then there is my sister-in-law, Ayumi. She has totally blown away my family. Check out this felt "play food". I bought the dinner entre for Caroline, but check out her whole menu at her etsy store. She stitches everything by hand! She's extremely talented.

One of her gorgeous cake slices, chocolate shaving and dollop of whipped topping included. If only this were real food for the ravenous mother!


Ann said...

incredible! I wish i were gifted in that way :) Those are just amazing! :)

How are you feeling, dear friend?? I am dying to hear how you are. I dropped my phone in the bathtub. :(

Love you!

Shurtliff Family said...

I am way excited for you! Identical twin girls! SO MUCH FUN!!! Take care of yourself and get as much rest as you can. You are in our prayers.