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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Annual Dirle Clan Farm Show Trip

Here's the group: no one looking at the camera but pleasant mom and me, looking solemn. This is central PA's way to occupy the local farm animals and their farmers during the winter months. You can always expect horrid weather when it is Farm Show time.

The 1,600 pound buffalo we watched leave the arena. I was starting to wonder why any of us were standing close enough to him to get this shot.

Enthusiasm from the group in finally making it into the warm farm show complex after a long cold walk.

This is exactly how I felt 30 minutes into the experience. This was the day of many lessons learned on my part. From cleaning the house all morning for a house showing then walking 2 hours straight at the farm show led to calling the OB Sunday about hours of progressing cramping. Thankfully, after a visit to the Doc the next day, all was well with the babies and the Mommy was reprimanded.

Kimberly petting goats.

And Johanna Cullen, I mean Shiffler, later sporting the powdered look, thanks to her sister.


Ann said...

Looks like a great time! :) It is so hard to stay off of your feet when there is so much to do. :s

Call me when you can ... my old 567 number if you still have it :) Love you! (I finally got a phone for my land line that is working better.)

Scott and Cindy said...

Nicole, I'm glad you found me! It looks like you guys are doing great - congrats on the twins! Looks like you're getting all the girls and I'm getting all the boys :)

Christine Mains said...

I love the photo of powdered Johanna. So CUTE!!!

michelle manning said...

Bob! You need to take care of yourself! For heavens sake - eat a few bon bons and re-read Twilight or something! No more housecleaning! No more close calls with buffalo!