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Monday, December 22, 2008

My Encounter With the Grocery God

So those of you that live between NY and Virginia and are "foodies" like I am will doubtless know the identity of the red-coated individual in the above picture. That's right, it's Danny Wegman. The Danny Wegman, CEO of Wegmans grocery stores. For those of you who are not familiar, Wegmans is the most well-stocked, well-designed, well-staffed, and all around best grocery store out there. They are the Mercedes-Benz of grocery stores (coming from me, that means something). Plus, their prices are lower than Wal-Mart's!!!

So I was on business in the metro Philly area a few weeks ago and decided to stop by the Downingtown Wegmans to grab a bite to eat for lunch. As I enter the Market Cafe, what to my wondering eyes should appear, but Danny Wegman and 8 tiny reindeer. By "reindeer", I mean 8 other Wegmans executives. They were making their annual holiday rounds, visiting all of their stores and thanking all of their employees personally.

So I was a big Wegmans evangelist before this fateful day. Now, I'm an apostle.


Ann said...

wow! :)

Anonymous said...

score Nicole! you should have asked him when they are going to expand to AZ? =) I miss Wegmans!! I try to explain it to my friends out here and they just don't get it.........

Nadia and Jeremy said...

I miss Wegman's soooo much. It's one of the few things i miss about upstate NY. Wegman's always had EVERYTHING I needed. Since moving to NM i have to go to at least three stores to get everything i need. so lame! I don't know how many of the Wegman's have this, but the one near us had a restaurant attached to it, and not just your average restaurant, but you fancy expensive, multiple course restaurant, called Tastings. All the ingredients were things you could get in the store. Another fun thing was they hired an awesome Sushi guy from Japan to work there. Everything there was so good. I miss it even though we only went there once or twice.

Oh, and Wegman's desserts and their bread...EVERYTHING.

How awesome that you met Danny Wegman. That rocks.

Anonymous said...

Bobby -

That's a good picture......but I'd be a little more impressed with a picture of you and Don Miguel!

Mike E.