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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Jewelry and Keepsake Box

I wanted to find something for my older nieces that would be more fitting for their maturity for Christmas. For Natalie and Kimberly, I came up with a jewelry and keepsake box.

If you want to do this project, allow yourself about an hour per box. I bought unfinished cigar boxes from the craft store. I painted and antiqued the boxes. For example, when using black, I would paint a side of the box black and then immediately wipe off the paint. It reveals the wood grain and leaves you with a beautiful finish.

Then I adhere a piece of felt inside the box for their jewelry. I then take the 8 x 10 photo and carefully tear the edges to fit the cover of the box to look artsy.

Have fun manipulating the photo before you print it. For this box, I faded all of the colors from the photo so that the focus of the photo was her pink sweater. Then I could play off that color with the interior felt and ribbon. For the next box's photo, I turned it sepia so the whole box would be warm in color.

Then adhere the photo.

I then sealed in the entire box, except the photo, with my adhesive (Mod Podge, of course.) I sealed in the torn edges of the photo, but not the photo because I wanted to keep the matte finish of the photo prominent.

Then have fun embellishing the box! I love using the initials of the receiver.

It is a lot of fun and goes by fast. You could use the same concept for most unfinished boxes at the craft store.


Lin said...

I'm loving your Mod Podge crafts - I'm addicted to the stuff myself (look for new post on Zeelightful on the next day or so, I'll be posting photos of the stuff I've been making). I did notice you mentioned the matte finish of your photos - do you use the glossy mod podge? they have a matte finish (it took me longer than I'd like to admit to realize this haha) mod podge as well as a sparkle finish that might be fun on a box or something for your little girls.

I made some blocks that you would love, but didn't get a photo taken unfortunately. I have plans for a second set thought and will be sure to post.

I love your crafts! I just wish I was in PA so I could come over and Mod Podge with you!

Ann said...

Constantly amazed at all you are doing right now! You are my hero. :) Beautiful! :)

cari said...

You are so creative. Great job on Christmas gifts this year.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful crafts as always!
I am just so happy to see that you are feeling good enough to do Christmas projects.


Durrant said...

Man girl, where do you get all of your amazing ideas! Both crafts are adorable! You really should have your own show! Wish we were still neighbors!

Brookstinobel said...

The boxes and memory game both turned out AWESOME. As always, I'm SO impressed with your skill and creativity AND dedication to making really cool gifts even during this crazy time in your life. You are amazing!
btw, the twilight soundtrack should be at Mom and Dad's by now, so you should ask them for it!