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Saturday, August 18, 2007

The results are in.......

I would like to thank all of those who voted in our baby naming poll. The people spoke, and we listened. The winner, by a huge margin, is Johanna. In 2nd place was Jacqueline, followed by Rabolutia (I typed letters randomly to come up w/ that one) and Turtle (that one was obviously ridiculous, but some of you jokers voted for it.). So it looks like we'll be naming the baby Johanna, which is my favorite. Well, we'll go with that one if I can convince Nicole. You, yes you, could save us some marital strife by suggesting another, non-partisan, name. Please leave your suggestions in the comments section.


Kendra said...

By the way...Nicole you look SO good!! I love that picture! Cute pregnant mommy! :)

Mom S. said...

Okay,you asked for it! Here are some lovely family names from my side:
Dorothy, Barbara, Nancy, Joan, Ellen, Charlotte (that would be cool—Caroline and Charlotte), Emma, Sarah, Rebecca, Marian, Martha, Mary, Phyllis, Nora, Edna, Constance, Annie, Christina, Agnes, Isobel (taken), Agnes, Anne, & Jane.
On your Dad’s side: Ida, Louise, Florence, Elizabeth, Minnie, (I dare you) Louisa, Lavina, (I double dare you) Roseanna, Rachel, Henrietta (I triple dare you!) Margaret, Mabel, & Catharine.
Surely you can quell any disputations among you (actually between you) with one of these ancestral names.

Brad said...

I can put in my two cents too! I know you guys like the name Claire...