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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Caroline's Butterfly Birthday!

Today was the perfect day for Caroline's second birthday party. There was barely any humidity, quite unusual for these parts, as Caroline's friends came for the morning to play games and eat cupcakes.

Don't be deceived by the small group of duck, duck, goosers. Once everyone arrived, Bobby kept a group of 17 kids at bay with his charming antics.
Butterflies and bugs were on the cupcake menu. Martha Stewart, of course, is to thank for the inspiration.

This was honestly one of the happiest days I've ever seen our daughter have. Friends playing outside, mommy and daddy close by, birthday songs, candles, and gifts truly lit up her face with joy.
And what a way to end the party but with Caroline's very own butterfly wings from her cousins!


Kendra said...

Awwww! So cute! Happy Birthday Caroline!!!!!! I can't believe she's two already. Time sure does go by fast. By the way, the cupcakes turned out great! (P.S. I start school on Tuesday! It'll be my 4th year!!! Can u believe that? I think u guys were around when I was first looking for a job.) :)

Jenae said...

Oh wow, Caroline is SO big now! She is adorable! Glad I found your blog. We need to get you an invite to our blog!

Melanie Herway said...

What a cute, fun birthday!! Good job on those cupcakes, they look fantastic. Caroline is sooo beautiful, I love her smile. I also really like your hair color!! Did you change it recently?

Jess and Matt said...

That is SO precious! I can't believe you had the patience and skills to make such beautiful cupcakes!!!! You are looking great Nicole. Hope all goes well with the little one on the way.

meg said...

oh nicole and bobby!! Caroline is so dang cute! Her whole face lights up when she smiles, she seems like such a little sweetheart! I wish she and Jane could play. I think they would love each other!!