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Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Wicked Witch and Other Lovable Characters

It has been extremely fascinating watching the creativity of a little child expand. Everything Caroline touches with her crayons turns to gold. What I've learned? Let her be untouched. Let her mind flow the way it desires, without my persuasion and influence.

See creates the best when she decides.

Some new kitchen hand towels for a friend journeying off to college. The wicked witch loves to sew while others color and draw.


Ann said...

I love the towels :)

Anonymous said...

I love the color selections of Caroline for drawing.
Ayumi's color selection is black, grown, purple...
All her coloring princesses turn out to be witches with green skin!
I am always wondering if I should intervene or not..


Ryan and Evelyn said...

How cute!!! You are such a wonderful mom by teaching your kids the freedom of creativity!

Durrant said...

Caroline is quite the little artist... must be taking after her mom! I love the towels! I think I might have to copy the idea for some Christmas gifts! Oh why do we have to live so far apart?:( Miss you!