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Saturday, August 29, 2009

A House Full of Little People

Dress up, dress up, everybody dress up!

Some cute characters from the day.

A little time outside and lots of photos by Bobby using the new toy, thanks to last week's accident. Or was it really???

Really exciting presents for daughter and Mommy.

Another happy carrot-cake ending.


allisonlaurel said...

You seriously are the cutest mom! I can't believe it! What a fun party, it looks fabulous.

Durrant said...

How do you do it? Both parties look absolutely fabulous! I am still in awe wondering how you do it all: the cakes, presents, decorations, homemade coloring books, costumes... the list never ends! What special memories for your little girls! You are one incredible mom!

Brookstinobel said...

Cuuuuute! :) This also looks like a lot of fun- another success! And the pictures are lovely! Johanna looks adorable in her tutu and headband.

Jonathan & Laura said...

You know how to throw great birthday parties! You're so creative!

Ryan and Evelyn said...

How fun!!! Love the pics!!!

Chapman Family said...

Too cute!! It was such a fun party. And the carrot cake was sooooo yummy!!