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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Rules are Subject to Change

Rule 286:

If someone is playing with a toy, it is their toy. The minute it is dropped, the toy no longer belongs to that individual. The toy is fair game at that very moment.

Ahhh... you win some, you lose some at parenting.


Ann said...

like a scene right out of my own living room!! :)

Christine Mains said...

So funny, Thomas still tries to use that rule, but now it doesn't work because the twins aren't babies anymore and they remember when they drop the toy that it was theirs and they still want it. Thomas has had to learn the new rule, Ask before taking, and be patient until it is your turn.

The Charters said...

I love finding old friends who blog! I love to see how they are - and you and your family look great! What cute girls!!!! You must be busy - heck, I know you are since I am swamped with my two little ones. Check out my blog if you get the chance - www.growingupcharter.blogspot.com

Durrant said...

That is so funny! How fun that they have each other as playmates (most of the time, huh!)Okay I just have to say I wish we were still neighbors and you could show me how you made all of those cute placemats with the letter of everyone's name sewed on. Can I just say Martha Stewart! You are so talented. B-Day party was adorable! I might have to copy some of your ideas. Love it!