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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Eriko's Baby Shower

My great friend, Eriko, just had her baby boy. Her darling little Ayumi is also Caroline's playmate. We gave her a shower at my place recently.

I've been dying to use this cool fabric that I bought a couple years ago back in college. I traced out an owl figure and used that bond adhesive stuff to secure the owl to a onesie. I sewed the same fabric onto a burp cloth to match. And the Old Navy shorts I found matched perfectly for a gift!

I can't help it, here is Johanna in her own owl onesie.


Ann said...

I love those owls! I am amazed at the beautifully simple things that you do. Your work is so incredible...so classy and so lovely, everything that you do! It makes me want to do more of those things that I enjoy! :) It looks like it was a lovely shower!

marci and josh said...

You don't know me, but I was in Bobby's ward our first year of college. I found your blog and am amazed at how talented you are. Bobby is such a great guy and you seem like you are perfect for each other. Anyway we have a blog, but it is private so I'll give you my email address. Tell Bobby hi from Marci we lived in apt 42 and my roommates were Jill, Jessica and Katie if he remembers. We all thought that he was so great. Blogging is so wonderful because we get to find people we thought we would never see again.

allisonlaurel said...

Talk about cute! You have some great things on here and I LOVE your paintings! Beautiful!

Christine Mains said...

The shower was a lot of fun, and very relaxing. I loved it, and i know that Eriko appreciated it a lot. I am so excited for her new baby boy. I am planning on calling her sometime today to drop by and visit her new little guy.

Bonnie said...

that looks like a fun shower. Please tell them congrats for me-

Anonymous said...

Nicole, I never realized how crafty you are, such a great hostess too! I need to have you start planning all my parties!