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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

O Christmas tree, how tasty are your ornaments

This year I attempted making gingerbread cookie snowflake ornaments. Throughout the month I would catch Caroline by the tree trying to get a good taste of the frosting (which of course was dried on). She still would act satisfied with, "Ummmm, yummy cookie."

They say real gingerbread ornaments taste better as they age. Time apparently intensifies the spices. We broke about 5 cookies in the process of hanging, tying ribbons, little hands helping to hang, etc., and never tried eating it!

Behold the 8 foot tree that we paid extra for (because of the extra foot) that we ended up cutting to fit the house anyway. It was just the best looking of the bunch, what can we say.

The girls pose together after decoration the tree--rather, watching and eating gingerbread.


Lin said...

those are awesome ornaments! and beautiful girls! :) I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

Melanie Herway said...

I am really impressed with how well gingerbread cookies turned out as ornaments. Where'd you get the idea, I love it!