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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Johanna's Baby Blessing

The day Johanna was blessed was a special and quite full day. Bobby directed the ward choir in a special Sacrament number and blessed little Johanna with both of our parents and Travis as witnesses, while I was called as the Young Womens' president in the same meeting.

It was my first Sunday in Young Women, Bobby conducted in Elders' Quorum, and after church we had our families, with the Becks, over for a luncheon. It was a wonderful, but full day.


Kendra said...

Yay for Johanna! I bet that was a great day, even though it was busy! Johanna looks so adorable in her dress. And congratulations to you for being the new YW President! You sure are going to be even more busy than you already are. Yikes! But you'll do an amazing job! :) What I think is funny, is that it seems like YW's Pres. are getting younger and younger. My best friend was called when she was only 24/25. I don't think my Pres.s were that young when I was there. :) Cool though!

Kendra said...

Oh P.S. I LOVE all the color in your house! I should enlist your help when someday we buy our own house. :)