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Thursday, October 4, 2007

Johanna Smiles!

Johanna is six weeks old--hard to believe! She is an extremely calm and pleasant little one. We didn't know it could be this simple with having Caroline first. Johanna spends a lot of time looking around now. Bobby can always get her to smile at him with all the voices he does. For those of you who know Bobby, that shouldn't be hard to believe!


Lin said...

what a cute baby you have! she has the most adorable smile! you guys must be having fun with your two little girls.

Kendra said...

Adorable pictures of both girls! Johanna is growing up so fast already. Pretty soon she'll be running all over too, but not too soon. :)

Melanie Herway said...

What a killer smile!! Those pictures your dad took are amazing...Caroline is SOOOO beautiful!!

papa lane said...

Elder Shiffler! Elder Vance's dad checking in on you through the Jimmy & Becky site! unbelievable! Sandi&I are in Henderson NV - we recently visited Seth&Christine in Charlottesville VA. all the best, lane

Kendra said...

R U going to update with some Halloween Pics? Love to see 'em. I updated ours with the new happenings. Hope you're doing well. :)