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Friday, March 5, 2010

Hand Work and Warmth

When a baby is born a special gift comes from Nanny. A gift that must take hours upon weeks to make--you can see it in every hand stitched detail.

Yesterday, Ainsleigh and Annabelle happily received their very own blankets. I know what this means for them: they will become their most prized possession.

Carried everywhere, it'll be their most valuable sleeping aid for the next four years. (That's at least where we are with Caroline's.)

It was a moment to celebrate together.

And a little sneak peak for tomorrow.... see you then!


Melissa said...

What beautiful quilts.

Christine Mains said...

How Wonderful! I love your Nanny's quilts, they are priceless, and soooo beautiful. I love all of the intricate hand stitching she does.

You look amazing!

Lorrie said...

the quilts are wonderful...and, so are those bunny ears!!!!