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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

On My Own

I'm figuring out my life--figuring out how to do things without help. Like bathe the babies.

Like managing the girls and little pieces to their bunny house at the kitchen table, while bathing babies.

And keeping promises to Caroline, like our previously planned table manners night, friends included.

Figuring out how to be independent, all because they aren't. Ahh... the ironies of life.

(Try to ignore the monstrous vacuum in the background.)


Ann said...

I can only imagine :) It's incredible, Nicole, how beautiful they are, and how much weight they look like they've gained! What a miracle they are!

It looks like you're doing incredible. Probably better than me on a normal day with no twins. :) You're doing great. :)

Love ya. :)

Lin said...

There are a lot of things I like about this post...the first being you are superwoman! I don't think I would have the courage to bathe two babies while watching after two other kids all by myself...or the patience. Good on you.

Also, your girls are all just beautiful.

And finally, I LOVE that Caroline is singing that song in the background of your video. I think she would get along great with my nephew. They could dance and sing and be silly together. :)

Lorrie Nulton said...

For anyone reading Nicole's blog, I was blessed to be able to visit with the Shiffler clan today...they are doing a wonderful job. All four girls are thriving and well tended to. I think we have this idealistic
vision of how our lives should be and when they differ in any variation at all, we feel we aren't doing things right...I think you have things "together" and with each day they'll be even more "together"! You are an incredible momma...let peace speak to your soul.
thanks again, love u!

Durrant said...

You are such a great mom Nicole! Seriously you amaze me with all of your fun ideas and creative mind! Your girls are so sweet!