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Monday, March 2, 2009

All I Need to Learn In Life I Learn from Bobby

In the midst of preparing to pack up our house this week, this last weekend Bobby and I went on an early 5th anniversary get-away before my pregnancy progresses.

What I learned from Bobby about marriage from the trip:

1. Even when work piles up, business trips wear you out, staying up late to plan a weekend trip with a few surprises for your wife shows that her happiness means more to your husband then catching up on his needed sleep.

2. When your wife is expecting a free hotel night with Hampton Inn points and you surprise her with the coolest modern hotel right in the city of D.C., she knows you wanted something special for her (especially when you get a good deal on it--she's ecstatic!)

3. Although you want to try a new restaurant for variety, you go where your wife's taste buds are leading her (Cheesecake Factory!) and entertain the waiters throughout the meal.

4. Even though it is totally not your style, you embarrassingly let your wife photography every inch of the mod hotel. Hey, we'll only be here once-- I want ideas for a house someday.

5. You are more hilarious to your wife then when she married you. Like when the waiter at breakfast asked you at the buffet counter what you were having, after I passed by you. You said, "a croissant", although the waiter tried again by coming to our table and this time asking me, "What are you having?", to which I quickly responded twin girls.

6. Patience. Stopping at least 5 times on our trip to find a restroom, buying water or a snack, sometimes at airport-like prices (Yikes!). Even following navigation for 30 minutes to find a 7-Eleven to heat up her leftovers (which is all she wants) although they melt anyway in the non-microwaveable container! (Yes, that was my bad idea. Bobby, you were right.)

7. In an attempt to surprise his increasingly self-conscious pregnant wife (who's preparing to gain at least another 30 lbs. in the next 3 months!) with taking her to a nice maternity store. Once there and realizing the "nice" high prices, took me else where to find flattering clothes.

That's not the most meaningful part--it was while I was tearfully trying on piles of clothes with my rapidly changing, painful body, he got down on the floor to help me in my discomfort to try everything on, giving meaningful input and encouragement.

Nothing else this weekend meant more of his love for me than that.

Me trying to get a shot of the tummy.

View from our 16th floor hotel room. Mainly taken to show Caroline later.

The modern hotel! If you can't stand modern design, just scroll down.

Coolest bar stools.

Love the light wall. Couldn't you see that in a kitchen?

The Washington D.C. temple that we visited... revisited from 5 years ago when we were married.

And my two cuties that stayed with my parents. My dad photographed them the morning we were gone and sent us an email (which Bobby checked on his iPhone one of the many times he was waiting for my in the restroom). After seeing them after being away for less than 24 hours, I desperately missed them!


Sarah said...

Way to go Bobby!

Ann said...

What a neat light wall! I love that!

Looks like it was a wonderful time! I am so glad you got to go! :)

Anonymous said...

How funny you stayed at the Hyatt in Dc for your fifth! We stayed at the Hyatt in Phoenix this past weekend for our 10th! Loved the modern pictures =)


Nadia and Jeremy said...

very cool lighting. i totally agree...that would be awesome in a kitchen. have you heard about this new technology that they're doing where they can basically "print" lights onto paper this surfaces. i'm waiting for it to be more available and a decent price to play around with it.

we're redoing our eating area right now and jeremy got me a wood burner. i've been doing some really cool stuff. i'll let you know when i put pics up on my blog.

hope you're doing well! happy 5th! our 9th is coming up this summer. i can't believe how long it's been!

Christine Mains said...

What an awesome husband! Being surprised with more than what you expect is always a treat. You look fabulous. Just remember to keep food near by, restrooms close, your back stretched as straight as you can, and chocolate a finger length away, then you will survive this pregnancy. When I was pregnant with the twins brian was a real romeo as he let me borrow his comfortable sponge bob pajama pants almost every night.

michelle manning said...

Awww...good old Bobby! Bob, put a real picture of that tummy on here please. The view from across the room looked a little surreal to me and I need to see it up close!