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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Top Ten Things to Cram into Two Weeks

1. Three doctors appointments in Harrisburg for twins

(Although this 4D picture looks scary, you can see one girl's profile on the right with fist to her face and that long leg of hers reaching over the left side, covering her sister's face, exposing her eyelid.)

(Here's the blocked little girl, fully aware that her sister is getting all the attention out of this ultrasound session.)

2. Three house showings (which means total chaos for at least 5 hours until we leave the house for a realtor to show it)

3. Bobby in Savannah, Georgia on business (along with D.C., Philly, and the usuals as day trips...)

4. We list my non-family car to sell (Buy me!) We'll miss you, Jetta, but not the bending inward to put kids in car seats.

5. The next day we pick up our new (used, that is) family car from Philly- an incredible deal along with being my dream car as substitute-to-a-mini van

6. Day after getting new car, the whole family has stomach flu and Mommy has food poisoning on top of it (no one's out enjoying the car!)

7. We SELL our house!!!!!!!!!!!! We close in one month.

The girls enjoying (barely moving, that is) one of their last "baths" in their mini tub. Talk about deprived. Definitely finding a house with a tub.

8. The next day at 12:51 am, Amy's baby boy, Elliott, is born in NYC! My Dad takes awesome photos of the happy event.

9. That night, my big event for the Young Women, New Beginnings at church (probably one of my last...)

10. And lastly, being the romantic guru that he is, Bobby surprises me with a PikStik, something I've been commenting would enhance my life by picking up the house without much effort as I grow increasingly huge. Thanks, Bobby! We've had quite the adventure so far this year!


Ann said...

wow! Congratulations on everything going so well!! You are so blessed!! I am so glad! We have been praying so much for your family!

Love you!

The Homely Animal said...

wow, wow, wow. So much has happened! So great how it is all falling into place, new car, sold house, nephew arrives safely, calling finishes. You really are blessed to have had it all happen in a timely manner!

Anonymous said...

LOTS of things happening in your life!
Congratulations on the sale of the house! It must be a big relief for you.
We got back on Valentine's day.
Hope to see you soon.