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Monday, August 18, 2008

Monkeys, Monkeys, Everywhere!

So the girls' b-days are two days apart. Coming up with a mutual party theme? Easy. Every nickname, it seems like, that Bobby gives his girls has a monkey in it: monkey, monkey girl, monkey-tron, etc. So monkeys, it was.

I couldn't help myself- the brown and yellow color scheme was too tempting. So I made about 18 brown placemats and embroidered each child's initial. It made the table pop. If you couldn't tell, I'm a little obsessed about entertaining.

This was the baby station--for Johanna and her posse: Isobel, Genevieve, Owen, you know, the book-reading, mommy-caring, non-walking/kinda walking crowd. They had a monkey puppet and lots of monkey books.

This was a popular spot, apparently, since Caroline kept ending up over there. Maybe it is because her favorite Curious George books here there.

We played monkey games...

Ate lunch that Bobby sweated over.... parmesan chicken fingers, fruit juice jigglers, chocolate covered bananas, and roasted sweet potato wedges, and had cake.
Then opened presents...

And thanks to Amy for the incredible monkey dresses she made for the party!

It was a fun party... thanks to everyone!


Melanie Herway said...

You sure know how to throw a good party. I'm so impressed! Birthdays two days apart. Crazy. But I bet it's nice to get them both done at once. Rachel is SOOO anxious for her birthday!

Michelle Dermyer said...

I LOVE the monkey dresses...kuddos to Amy! They are adorable! You're so clever and crafty...looks like your monkeys had a great party!

Kendra said...

What an amazing party! Everything is sooo adorable! You really do LOVE entertaining!! :)

Ann said...

It looks like it was so wonderful! You are quite the amazing entertainer!! :) Love ya! :)

the boyd family said...

oh my goodness, i love the monkey dresses! so cute! that party looks adorable, i love how you made everything and it went so well with your theme, you're super creative! :)

Andy LeMieux said...

It sounds (and looks) like you guys went all out. Very impressive!

Anonymous said...

Looks like a totally fun "nicole" party! I miss those! It really looked fantastic - wish we could have been there. We miss you guys!