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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Cooling Off

Caroline and I discovered some new summer tips for staying cool. We made orange/cranberry ice pops. I didn't have popsicle molds so poured the mixture into plastic cups. AND I didn't have popsicle sticks, so once slightly frozen in the cups, inserted a plastic spoon. When you're ready to eat the frozen pops, run some warm water around the cup to loosen the popsicle.

Here's our tip: once you eat the popsicles and it starts to melt a bit, then you can put the popsicle back in the cup, pull the plastic spoon out with ease, and then use the spoon to mash up the remainder of the popsicle for a slushy. Ingenious what not having the right tools can do for you.


Ann said...

How fun!! They look yummy! What a great idea with cups and spoons! We'll try that!

Anonymous said...

Mmm, those look yummy. I'll have to try making some for Emma.