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Friday, May 30, 2008

Cousins Eating Haggis

Recently, my oldest niece was baptized at her church in Lancaster. We celebrated Kimberly's big day at the Becks' house afterwards.

An intimidating group of guys eating chicken. Watch out.

All of the walking cousins pick-nicking. And by the way, there was no haggis involved. The title to the post was Bobby's addition.


Ann said...

What a wonderful family! :)

Donna Lyn said...

Okay, remember now where we came from and where I live now. What are Haggis? Are you sure that's chicken you guys are realing eating? HAHAHA! 1-2-3

Banna said...

WHAT??? She got baptized and nobody invited us? Is this some sort of trick? First the King of Prussia mall fiasco and now this.... Strike 2 for the Dirty, Dirty Shifflers. Well our baby's blessing is coming up in a bit...or maybe it isn't. You'll never know ;)